Catch the Magic Photography

Photography — A Reflection of Life, A Reflection of Ourselves
— dee ellison

I've always had a camera in my hand. As my life and interests evolved, I realized I get my energy from nature. Its beauty of all types — along with the silence, simplicity, and majesty — captivates me.

My decision to make a photograph comes from my heart. It’s a reaction to something I see, something that catches my eye and my soul — wondrous colors, the softness of a flower, dewdrops, lines, shapes, texture, a butterfly, beautiful light. I am also drawn to other subjects, including abstract images, a talented blacksmith, people, and critters.

I may be on my way somewhere to do something “important,” but I must stop. I must try and catch the magic in my lens. And that magic is, indeed, a reflection of my life.

This body of work is designed to share with you my enchantment with nature and other subjects, and to capture your heart as well.