Catch the Magic Photography

Sedona Sunset

Sedona calls to me.
As I get closer and closer to the city
I am reminded how much I love the mountains
Their majesty
Their magnificence 
Their power
They are regal

I am drawn into their
breath-taking beauty
The many layers, each reminding us of the millions
And millions and millions of years
That led to what I see now.
Reds, beiges, browns – and all shades of each

The many shapes – round, pointed, square, jagged
The many textures – rough, smooth, irregular
The power they communicate
Around each corner, I gasp
Hardly able to believe what my eyes are showing me
And yet, there’s more

As the sun rises, and again when it sets
The mountains catch on fire
No wonder they’re called Red Rocks
At first, the rocks are as they are in the daytime

Then, slowly, a tiny patch of color appears in the sky
The color starts slowly, the clouds barely visible at first
I blink, and there’s more color
And more color
And more color flying above me
Flying on the clouds – the wispy ones, the bold ones

Then, suddenly, color explodes in the air
Pinks, reds, purples, greys, salmons, yellows, burnt orange
Burst before me
The clouds that streak through the air like lightening
The ones with jagged edges
The graceful ones that glide through the air
Like a ballerina
I can hardly breathe

Through the color, the mountains and the trees glow
Or they are in silhouette
Close to the earth and far above the mountains
And everywhere in between
The colors change and the shapes change
Faster than I can imagine would be possible

The immensity of what is before me is awe-inspiring
I shout with joy
I choke back tears that come unbidden
As I take in the views before me
They are grand, majestic, humbling
The scene nourishes my soul
It replenishes my energy
Nature is dazzling
I knew that, but I couldn’t even imagine the magnitude of what is possible
I breathe
I am at peace

      dee ellison
      Sedona -- 2010